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Do you pretend that no legitimate user was ever refused source access and modification? Lisp has been developed as a free software, were anyone could come, take the sources, and hack them; so have been C and unix; albeit in all these cases, they were proprietarized post facto, "thanks" to our wonderful IP laws that make employees mind slaves. For in a world of free software, only technical advance differentiates you from your customer, so research and development is the most important criterion to gain a competitive advantage. Maybe cmucl and/or Dylan hackers should join into a company?  Who wants to give away time if they can't figure out where the dollars will come from? You seem to be the embodiment of them Which is why people involved in free software feel the need to explain things and dispell misconceptions. Of course, a random creator owes me nothing. We rely 100 on the templates available with them for our customers. If some irresponsible (i.e. It Works Really Easy Choose Your TemplateWe are sure youll find a perfect template for your business among over 26,000 items Add It to Shopping CartAfter choosing your perfect template just add it to shopping cart provide your order info. Certainly, there are cultural barriers to free software. Since the debate has (once again) slipped from dynamic software to free software, I propose that the latter topic be discussed outside of sp, for instance on the cybernethics mailing-list (please propose other places where to move the debate, if you will). Now, I have every reason to fear proprietary vendors, because they have complete monopoly on services related to the software they support; if their service is or becomes less than initially expected, or worse, if they discontinue their service, I have no way out, but. "what does it become in presence of concurrent and distributed systems? It will be an economic reality.

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So only the dead victims can sue the murderers? You can't make a paperweight and sell it for a hundred dollars; you have to motivate the public to buy it at that price (as with the "pet rock" marketing plan) or you have to drop the price. Do you fear that your software will so quickly kari traa naken stavanger eskorte become so perfect and that all software problems will be solved so completely, that you soon will be jobless? Responsive, parallax, view More Trending Items. And even then, these languages do not survive much as languages, only as lone implementations. my argument is simply based on common sense You have no monopoly on common sense. Quality Assurance400QA engineers will make sure the product has no bugs. Purchase Your ProductYou can use for purchase plastic card or popular payment systems: Get Product Via EmailIn a few minutes after purchase the download link will be delivered to your mailbox. Consumers put their money where value. Of course, I could cease activity and close my shop, if I don't value it that much.

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It changes _nothing_ to the wills and forces in presence, it only fluidifies the dynamics of exchanges (which is a great feat in itself, but completely independent from the issues at stake). It isn't your right until you've ante'd enough money to be warrant for the perfect choice of all persons in charge of disclosing sources, for the rest of times. Design1,000Our designers make product looks trendy attractive to visitors. Free and open software says "everyone has the _right_ to see the source, but under one's sole responsibility". Will choose a perfect template special for you. Part of lisp took that path, and it took the other part and a lot of technical excellence (and implementational simplicity) to make it survive. And the fact that he does not come with source is just a fact of nature, It's possible, by the way, that nature found that if you did have the sources available, a billion little free software viruses would be busy attacking and you'd lose. Then don't use. Worse even: sometimes, the mafia doesn't send mobsters to "explain" what happens to your shop when you refuse to cooperate; instead they send lawyers, and then they send the police if you still won't cooperate; for they have found a way to get law with. On the other hand the unavailability of source of computer software is _not_ a fact of nature; it _is_ a problem, and it can be solved. I've developed some. Not that it isn't your right to choose not to publish your works; but again, pray tell me what wrong it does you that they be widely published? You're confusing "commercial" and "proprietary" software. Nobody claims a right to see what you create without paying you. Mind you, this is already happening, now, before your eyes.

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That suddenly, no one will be interested in your software anymore, because it be free? If I see value in a (category of) software, then I'm ready to invest corresponding money, and I don't care, a priori, who will provide me the software and how.  And if you're a legitimate content creator who can't get access to something, you'll just create something else. If you read "das Kapital you'll see that Marx founded his whole "economical" theory by rejecting this basic principle, whereas this principle is the crown jewel of Economy 101 (see against texts by Turgot and Bastiat). In as much as I would pay, they would have developed this for. This is a completely arbitrary and self-serving claim. What if I'm a specialist in a fairly specific topic (like symbolic integration, or numeric approximation of some equations but have no particular proficiency in other topics, including implementation of a symbolic mathematic package. And if you use this privilege to raise the price of your services, that's an injustice.

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